Caleb wins in just :51 seconds of the 1st round!

 Graciefighter Caleb Mitchell made a successful return to the Cage this past Saturday with a :51 second victory over crafty veteran Tony Llamas.

After a ten year layoff from the sport many ringside observers wondered if “ring rust” would play a factor for Mitchell.  Llamas apparently though it would play a factor and started out quick attempting to land a knockout headkick which just barely missed Mitchell.

However after a couple of quick scrambles Llamas was the one who found himself in big trouble as Mitchell ducked under a punch and quickly jumped on his back looking to secure a submission while Llamas was still standing.

Llamas gamely tried to fend off the hold and landed a couple of glancing blows before the submission expert Mitchell adjusted his grip forcing Llamas to tapout at just :51 seconds of the first round!